Dr Cathy Speed

In addition to the Directorship of Sports Medicine UK, Cathy also holds the following posts:

  • Consultant, in Rheumatology, Sports & Exercise Medicine, Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge Lea Hospitals,
  • Cambridge and Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, London
  • Lead Physician to the English Institute of Sports, Eastern Region.
  • Physician to Badminton England
  • Physician To Middlesex CCC at the Lords Ground, London
  • Physician to English Ladies Golf Association
  • Medical Officer for the Centre of Cricketing Excellence,Cambridge.

Dr Speed plays significant roles in the care of Olympic and other elite athletes across a wide spectrum. She has a special expertise in the management of sporting and non-sporting musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain syndromes plus a specialist interest in arthritis and in exercise medicine. She applies advanced diagnostic techniques and in particular imaging and biomechanical assessments in the evaluation of medical complaints. Dr Speed also utilises therapies including various injection therapies, extracorporeal shock wave therapy and forms of exercise and rehabilitation in managing problems. She also has a background in exercise physiology and has an Exercise Prescription Clinic for the development of customised exercise and or training programmes to suit all types of individual, from the sedentary to the fit athlete.

Allied Specialists

Dr Speed works with a number of allied specialists, including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths , Podiatrists, Surgeons, Radiologists and others. The choice of an Allied Specialist will be dependent upon detailed aspects of your problem. Such a specific approach will ensure patients are given the best care for their complaint. We all work together towards the same aim: to resolve or control your problem and to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

For further details on Specialists allied to Sports Medicine UK select Rehabilitation Team.